A global first: an app designed to bring families together & Train them to be problem-solvers

We have worked with over 10 million kids and their families (as well as our own :-) and we've created something very significant - something that we can call the first technology ever created with the sole purpose of helping your family succeed. 

Every parent wants their family to succeed and their kids to have more opportunity than they had – we can now help make that happen on a massive scale.

The world needs stronger families and more problem solvers.

We are addressing this NEED - over a number of years we've spent alot of time and money (about $10 million dollars) and built an app and worked with great organizations like the US Dept of Justice and Harvard - we're now ready to offer this to the world.

Here’s what we have – an app that will help you get control of technology and social media before it gets control of you and your kids. The decisions you make now will determine which of these happens. With just a few minutes a day of the right kind of effort and activity, your family will be more connected, more excited about learning and more healthy. You will be in control.

Our “Daily Vitals” app actually uses technology to connect generations and create a stronger family, it helps our kids and us parents learn and practice life-skills through problem-solving, and even become more healthy and active. These 3 pillars – family, education and health – are well within your reach – IF you start doing the RIGHT things RIGHT NOW. 

Some thoughtful effort right now pays massive dividends in the future of your family.

We’re handing you the experience and tools on a silver platter TODAY - a way to take control of your family’s success and become the catalyst in controlling where you and your kids will end up 10-20 years from now.

You’ll instantly be able to start doing the 2 simple tasks (communication and riddle solving) that will change the trajectory of your family – it’s fun and as you bring in your kids and even their grandparents - everyone will benefit.



The 3 pillars - family connections, education and health & fitness




The family learning critical life-skills together is one of the most powerful components of a successful education for young children.  A family that is connected and working together with each other and the school and teachers, is a key driver of success.

Health & Fitness


Research shows that daily physical activity helps children perform better academically. Aside from all the obvious health and wellness benefits of daily physical activity and awareness for all family members, there are many other indirect benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that supports successful families and communities.

Distribution partners



Working with schools across the country, parents will be given the app to help them become a more influential part of their child's educational success. Teachers and Administrators will become more connected and proactive as they join the parents and kids in their chat groups. There is also unique content for Special Education and Title 1 students and their families.



Local and State governments will support the distribution of the app to help families become stronger and more influential in the success of their communities. State leaders such as the Governor or head of Education will be given opportunities to send messages to the families and stakeholders using the app.



Corporations are motivated to engage in the training of their future workforce and are given the opportunity to influence the curriculum development for those workers.



Each family will be encouraged to share the app with those in their network. There will also be opportunities for Moms to become paid mentors in the game, as well as compensated for spreading the word.

Do you want to use media to strengthen your family while becoming problem-solvers?

Send us your email below or text "vitals" to 555888 and we'll send you the link to get started