the founders

Scott Dow


A game-based learning expert with various levels of entrepreneurial and public company experience in the marketing, eLearning and non-profit sectors. With over 10 million K-6 kids from around the world with over 100 million learning hours and counting, He is a leader in kid-driven, game-based learning.

The platform is a transformational global learning community for K-12 students that is kid-driven (teachers as coaches), academically sound (standards based, real-time assessment and spaced rehearsal), and socially powered (friends, peer mentors and "just-in-time" online teachers). The Woogi Create mobile program is an extremely scalable solution that connects and trains kids from around the world to help each other achieve success.


Tom Kersting


One of the sought-after experts in the field of mental health, families, parenting in the digital age, and over-device use, as he provides advice to millions of people through regular television appearances, radio and print media, books and private sessions. See his site at

Tom holds advanced degrees including a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Thomas Aquinas College, a Master’s degree in Counseling & Human Development and a second Master’s in Administration & Supervision, both from Montclair State University. He  also holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy (alternative/non-traditional) from Kona University. 

Tom appears regularly on national programs such as the Today Show, Fox and Friends and others.

the team - We are the global leaders in family-driven game-based learning

We've Been Around the Block

We are Family Education and Technology experts that have engaged millions of families around the world and helped them use technology to make their families, schools and communities successful. 

We have delivered millions of learning hours to kids and their families around the world. We've figured out a thing or two.

The Team

 We are a team of about around 40 experts in game-based learning, wealth creation, health and wellness, 21st century skills and good character development.  We have provided learning to a total of 100 million K-6 students over the years.

We have come together to create the world's largest and most impactful global learning community for kids and their families. We help kids make the world a better place by becoming better themselves. 

We Use Tech to Help Families Succeed

Raise the best kids.

Become better parents.

Connect with grandparents.

Do good things while on a screen and achieve the right balance between the screen and real life.