The suite of programs that link into the daily Vitals APP


For families and schools that want additional learning that integrates with the daily communication app, some of the most effective family-driven, game-based learning apps are available. While the students spend time in their game-based learning apps, the data is presented in the Daily Vitals app as well as a teacher/parent portal for more detailed reporting and assessment. 

All activity is created and mapped to specifice learning outcomes for P21, Kauffman Entrepreneurship, character, health, civics and CTE standards.

Specific kid and family-driven components include: 

  • Global Citizenship: connect and learn with peers from around the world
  • Civics: Fortnite for civics experience
  • Character: some of the most effective character learning for kids
  • IEP integration into LMS: extend your child's IEP into a game they want to play
  • SPED: revolutionary special education learning
  • Health: we have created a revolutionary technology model to get kids and their families more active and healthy
  • Careers: we inspire kids to learn about and experience many different career paths in primary school
  • Entrepreneurship: kids are able to start businesses in our virtual economy and succeed and faily and learn
  • Digital Literacy: kids learn and apply internet safety, security, ethics and proper balance and use of technology
  • College Certificate: primary school students can earn a certificate in Global Leadership from a real university
  • College Mentors: hand selected college students mentor the kids and their families in the program
  • English: English learners and special education students learn and practice English fluency
  • Life-Skills: all family members engage in learning, applying and sharing life-skills and become a connected and successful family

THE Science behind the learning


Every quest and activity in the apps are created with the LASER learning model in mind. This is what separates game-based learning from just playing games and traditional learning.


Over the years we have worked with great companies and governments around the world and impacted a total of about 10 million students and their families. All of this experience accumulated over the years is built into the Daily Vitals app and its addon components.


There is plenty of good research showing the importance of connections and solving riddles to improve quality of life and academics. We have also worked with Harvard University who published a paper on how our kid-driven, game-based learning platform delivered superior learning outcomes. See the full report below.

The kid-driven, game-based learning platform

We’ve taught millions of kids around the world and are ready and excited to help your child be successful 

A Kid Testimonial

We’ve taken the gameplay mechanics of the worlds greatest games such as Minecraft and Fortnite and created a learning version of those games that motivates kids to learn critical life-skills while they earn.